Online In-Service Teachers’ Training Course B (12 Hours) in New Delhi


?  Duration: 8th January, 2021(Fri) , 9th January, 2021(Sat),16th January (3 days)

?  Venue: Online

?  Resource persons from The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

  1. Ms. Mami Imoto, Japanese Language Advisor
  2. Ms. Shinako Sakemi, Japanese Language Advisor
  3. Ms. Nitasha Sharma, Japanese Language Lecturer


? Purpose: Improving the teaching ability of the current school’s Japanese language teachers.

? Eligibility: Japanese language teachers at school

? Textbook: Minna no Nihongo

? Capacity: Max 30

? Application forms: Please apply HERE

? Deadline for the application: 6th January, 2021 (Wed); 12:00 noon

? Participation fee: Nil

? Certificate: The certificate will be awarded to the participants who attend the course for its full duration.

? Schedule : CLICK HERE 


* This workshop will be conducted in Japanese.
* This workshop will be recorded. We also plan to publish it on the internet. We appreciate your
cooperation and understanding.
*Those who wish to avail the above support should fill out the relevant items on the application form.
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