The Japan Foundation, New Delhi presents

Online Culture Course “Window into Japan” with Certification

[August to October, 2021]

The “Window into Japan” is an online culture course offered by the Japan Foundation, New Delhi (JFND). In this course, we present  diverse Japanese culture  by Japanese professionals to the Indian people. This course issue certificate to encourage the future evangelist of Japanese culture.

For course instructions detail click HERE

For course application : CLOSED 

[Important Notice]
We regret to inform everyone that we have decided to close the registration two days  ahead of schedule as  we have received more applications than we expected, and the total number of applications  exceeded the capacity of JFND to manage the online event.
We will make arrangements for the people to be able to attend the course even if you are not an applicant for the course since we understand it will interest many people.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your kind attention.