One Day National Seminar: Japanese Language Education: Pan India Scenario 

Japanese Language Teachers Association of India (JALTAI)

Registration No. S-29703 dated June 26, 1996; 


One-Day National Seminar: Japanese Language Education: Pan India Scenario Organized by Japanese Language Teachers Association of India in collaboration with the Japan Foundation, New Delhi & Centre for Japanese Studies, JNU

Venue: JNU Room no.331, SLL&CS, Annex building;

Date: 17th February 2018

Program schedule

9:00- Registration

9:30 – Welcome by President, JALTAI

9:35 – Address by Chairperson, CJS, SLL&CS, JNU

9:40 – Inaugural Address by Dean, SLL&CS, JNU

9:45 – Address by Director General, The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

9:50 – Vote of Thanks by Seminar Convener

10:00- TEA

10:15- Introduction to Seminar participants by Chair, Prof Manjushree Chauhan

10:20- The training of new teachers based on feedback and self-introspection-Using, “Marugoto- Japanese Language and culture” a course book based on the Japanese Language education, JF standards; Dr. Nitasha Sharma and Ms. Ayumi Morris, The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

10:35- Japanese Reading: Perception of the challenge and its causes- A Survey of Indian Adult Learners of Intermediate Level; Ms Manasi M. Shirgurkar, TMV

10:50 Role of Newspaper in Japanese language learning; Dr. Anushree, JNU

10:50-11:10 Discussion Round 1 (Discussant: Konishi Hiroaki sensei)

11:10 -The MOOCs initiative and Japanese Language Learning in India; Dr T.V Suryakant, EFLU, 

11:25-Teaching Japanese-Problems of the plurality; Dr. Purabi Gangopadhyay, RBU

11:40 -Importance of Exposure in Language Acquisition; Ms. Deepika Bhatia, Doon University

11:55 -The possibilities of Content and Language Integrated Learning on the Japanese Language 

Learner’s understanding and ability in intermediate level; Dr. Ambika Basu, DU

12:10-12:30- Discussion Round 2 (Discussant: Prof. Ashok K. Chawla)

12:30-12:45- Conclusion and Summing up by Chair

12:45 -JALTAI Essay Contest Results 2016-17

13:00 -LUNCH (45 min)

14:00- Special Lecture by Prof.Sushama Jain titled, “Topics in Japanese Linguistics”

14:40 -Q&A session

15:00 -Vote of Thanks by Convener

15:15 -TEA