Northeast Japan Caravan event is scheduled to take place this year in northeast starting from this November. It is being held in three major cities of Northeast India, namely, in Imphal from November 19-20, in Guwahati from January 21-22, and in Dimapur from February 3-4, 2023.

The Caravan will have a mini JFF event where Makoto Shinkai’s movies will be screened. These are some of the most loved movies by the anime fans around the world. The four movies that are going to be screened are 5 Centimeters per SecondChildren who chase lost voicesThe Garden of Words, and The Place promised in our early days. The event will also host Voice actor challenge and a chance for everyone to experience Japanese culture through calligraphy workshop, Yukata experience and Mini-game (Fukuwarai). For more detail, please see our SNS.

We hope to see many people joining us on this Caravan ride.

:red_circle:In light of the uncertain circumstances in Shillong, the Northeast Japan Caravan on December 16th and 17th is being canceled. It’s an unfortunate decision for all of us but thank you for your understanding.:red_circle:


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