Come and enjoy the spectacular world of Japanese Cinema at The Japan Foundation, New Delhi Office.

The theme of this month is  Great Art Director in Animation, Nizo Yamamoto


Film:  NITABOH (The Founder of Shamisen) 仁太坊―津軽三味線始祖外聞

Dates:   25th October 2017 (Wednesday)

Time:  6:30 pm

Director: Akio Nishizawa

Duration: 100 minutes




Short Synopsis: 

Nitaboh is the story of a man’s grit and determination to rise above his condition to bring his dreams to fulfilment. Born in a poor house, blinded by 8 years of age and orphaned by 11, the film follows a beautiful story of how Nitaboh not just saw his dream of being a Shamisen player come true but also made sure to develop a unique style of performance that has continued to this date.


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