Come and enjoy the spectacular world of Japanese Cinema at The Japan Foundation, New Delhi.

The Theme of the month is Featuring Director Keisuke Kinoshita.


Date    :  29th January, 2016
Time    : 18:30
Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi
Entry Free

Duration  : 130 Minutes | English subtitles


Short Synopsis Shuzo is a shop owner, who is about to hand over the shop to his son Takeshi. However, Takeshi is brutally murdered by a juvenile delinquent and Shuzo is distraught when the murderer gets off with a light sentence, and the victim’s family receive no compensation. He decides to fight for justice, for his son and other such similar victims’ families. This protest movement gets the attention of the national media. Will he succeed in getting due justice?    


Photo Credit : ©1979  Shochiku / Colour