The Japan Foundation, New Delhi is pleased to present a duo exhibition by Ema Kawanago (Japan) and Koustav Nag (India)- “MIND THE GAP”.

The two artists are exploring different Asian society in an analogous way of expression, medium, and artistic approach. This exhibition is an occasion to cross their practice, presents original result of their encounter specially realized for this opportunity.

This exhibition is also presented as part of “EAST – WEST Art Festival-New Delhi” (, in collaboration with NIV Art Centre, Alliance Française and Korean Cultural Centre.


‘Artist Talk & Preview’ on 20th March at 18:00

Date : 21st March ~ 4th April, 2015
                     (closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)
Time : 11:00 ~ 19:00
Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

Entry Free


About Ema Kawanago

Ema Kawanago develops her artworks on an anthropological model, and questions the uniqueness of the subject facing the social norm. How to link, take position, and operate in its environment?

In her installations, paintings or photography, she also highlights the similarities and differences existing between present societies and their relativities, and constructs artworks as schemes which enable to analyse human relationships in a variety of contexts, with a humorous defamiliarization.


About Koustav Nag

Koustav Nag is a multidisciplinary artist open to all worldwide influence, trough is numerous internationals exhibitions and residencies, he explores this world that humanity has build for its convenience, searching to traduct its language in order to share its sensitive universality.

His works revolve around the multi-faceted and somewhat conflicted relationship between human beings and objects. Through his works he intends to trace the trajectory of an invisible thread that ties the humans with their surroundings. No person or no object can survive alone. Survival requires a balanced structure. It means a web of mutual dependence between objects, people and nature.


Photo Credit : Ema Kawanago