MINATO Online Japanese Language Course for South Asia Japanese language learners!

To know more about this course, please read the flyer attached to this post.

[For learners] みんなとはなそう!A2(わたしのまち) (Let’s speak together! A2(My town) Tutor Support Course)

Are you struggling in speaking Japanese? Join this course and enhance your ability!

The course contains self-study and live lessons (discussion and conversation sessions).

We will invite Japanese volunteers to join us and have a fun talk in Japanese.

  • Application Period:12th Dec 2020~8th Jan 2021
  • Deadline for Application 8 Jan till 12:00 noon
  • You will find the course schedule in the flyer
  • How to apply
  1. Register Minato (https://minato-jf.jp/)
  2. Log in Minato.
  3. Register Course



・South Asia Japanese language learners

・Who understands English (The entire explanation will be in English)

・Can write Hiragana and Katakana

・Japanese A2 level