The�Japan Foundation, New Delhi will open the Manga Cafe at the Library of the Japan Foundation�!�
This is the first event to be held in the Library after its renovation.�
More than 500 Japanese manga books that were translated in English will be free to�read.��Mega hit manga titles such as �”Naruto”, “One Piece”, “Bleach” as well as popular manga after the year 2000 such as �”Kimi ni Todoke”, “Black Buttler”�etc�will be there.�� These manga books were exhibited in the New Delhi World Book Fair in last Feb.
At the same time, catch up on the manga books in Japanese language, such as famous Weekly Shonen Jump and Weekly Shonen Magazine that�are imported from Japan every week.�

The Library is open from 11am to 6pm from Tuesday to Saturday.
We welcome you to�the Library and expolore the world of Japanese manga !