The “LIGHT UP NIPPON” project to be held at 10 disaster-stricken areas in Tohoku was initiated as a requiem for those who suffered the Great East Japan Earthquake. Its events will occur concurrently on August 11, 2011, exactly five months after the disaster struck. Yoshitake Takada, a young businessman who had spent his graduate school years in the town of Otsuchi in Iwate came up with the idea of launching thousands of fireworks in Tohoku to commemorate the victims and help continue local tradition after he heard news that many fireworks events had been cancelled throughout the country. Young volunteers from various organizations in Tokyo gathered to help him by raising donations, finding sponsors, and visiting the disaster- stricken areas on many occasions to build trust with locals. The effort will culminate in a series of simultaneous fireworks displays at the 10 locations. This event will include a screening of a documentary about the challenges faced in implementing the fireworks project and a discussion among key members of the LIGHT UP NIPPON Committee and young leaders from India.