The Japan Foundation, New Delhi organised the cultural talk and demonstration on kendo. Kendo is one of Japanese traditional martial arts, where two players wearing protective armour score points against each other by striking designated body targets with bamboo swords called shinai. One of the main characteristics of kendo is to maintain a strong sense of cultural tradition and spirituality, so the talk and the demonstration did not only centred on the practical aspect of kendo but also touched upon Japanese budo (samurai) spirits. We welcomed H. Kitamura, the chairman of Japanese Kendo club, Keninkai, and other masters from the club, as our speakers and instructors. The event was entry free. 

About Master H. Kitamura 
He holds the 5th degree(5dan) in kendo (the highest degree is 8 dan). He is also the managing director of Kyocera India and has been living in India since 2009.

Highlights of the Talk & Demonstration

  • Learn about how kendo can help in disciplining the mind & body and how the spirit of samurai is reflected in kendo.
  • Watch the live demonstration of various kinds and levels of kendo techniques and try out some techniques.
  • Interact with Japanese masters of kendo.


Talk by the master, Kitamura

Participation by the audience

Venue in full house!!


Hope you felt kendo and the experience will remain in your heart and memory.

Thank you for your coming in spite of the hot weather! Hope to see you soon again 😉