JF Chat Room Lets Speak in Japanese!
Brush up your Japanese language skills in a relaxed atmosphere. Participants will be divided into small groups so that they can converse freely in Japanese with native Japanese speakers.
All are welcomed from beginner to advanced levels.
The Chat Room is conducted once a month on Saturdays.

1. Date: 18th August 2018 (Saturday) 10:30 to 12:30
2. Venue: The Japan Foundation, New Delhi
3. Theme: Dance

We will be talking about traditional dance forms from Japan, such as Kachashi (Okinawa), and the famous Bon Odori. We will have a Zumba and Bon Odori dancing session as well. We will talk about the similarities and differences between the different dance forms of Japan and India.

4.Eligibility: Basic Knowledge of Japanese Language (All conversation will be conducted in Japanese)

5.Fee: Free


Please visit the below website and fill out the necessary information.


*First come first served basis.

*The only selected applicants get the confirmation email on August 16th.

7.Application Due Date: August 15th