The Japan Foundation, New Delhi is organizing 3 Day Japanese Studies Intensive Course for aspiring students in the field of Japanese Studies in India. 

<Program Content>

This program aims to provide glimpse to the applicants in the field of

1.  Japanese Modern History (Prof. Ryoichi Tobe) (CV attached)
2   Japanese Modern and Contemporary Literature (Prof. Yuko Kubota) (CV attached)
3.  Japanese Ancient Literature and Japanese Culture (Prof. Hiroshi Araki) (CV attached)

This program is to help young students of Japanese studies who wish to pursue their career as Japanese researchers. In this program, students will get opportunities to listen to Intensive Lectures on the Above Topics as well as Face-to-Face Consultation with Experts from Japan. [Tentative schedule is as attached]


This program is most suitable for people like below:

If you are planning to write a thesis on Japanese studies related topics
If you are planning to study abroad in Japan for Master’s Degree or above
If you wish to build your career as Japanese studies researcher



Date    : 30th, 31st, January and 1st February, 2014

Time   : 10:00-17:00

Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

<Application Deadline>
Application forms should reach the Japan Foundation, New Delhi office latest by 5th January, 2014 (Sunday) by hand or by e-mail at

Click here for downloading Application Form.

Entry is free.
However for face-to-face consultation, there will be a selection procedure and preferences will be given to those who have never been to Japan for research studies.
Only Shortlisted participants will be contacted for the face-to-face consultation.


<About Face-to-Face Consultation>

During “Japanese Studies Intensive Course”, there are sessions of Face-to-Face Consultation with Experts, apart from Open lectures of the Japanese studies. In this Face-to-Face Consultation, applicant will be given an opportunity to consult for an hour with one of the Japanese experts whose specialty is closest to yours. The expert will give applicant the insightful advice about applicant’s research from their wide and deep knowledge and expertise of the field. We believe this session will be a golden opportunity for those who wish to study further in Japan or those who wish to pursue their career as Japanese researchers.

Hence, in order to make most of this opportunity, applicant is expected to have at least a research plan, though it is more preferred if already possessing a thesis, so that Japanese experts will be able to give you substantial advice. Please understand that this session is for applicant to receive expert’s advice in limited time, so each applicant is expected to fully utilize a given chance.

After submitting the application, there will be selection procedure, and we will directly inform selected applicant for their timing of the consultation. We wish this program would encourage the aspiring young researcher/student to gain insight about Japanese studies which would help their future career.


<Prof. Ryoichi TOBE’s CV>

Current Occupation
Professor at International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Research Department


1971        B.A., Kyoto University

1973        M.A., Kyoto University

1992        Ph.D., Kyoto University


Professional Experience

2009-        Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies

1990-2009    Professor, National Defense Academy of Japan

1980-1990    Associate Professor, National Defense Academy of Japan

1976-1980    Assistant Professor, National Defense Academy of Japan


Specialized Fields

History of Modern Japan


Major Publications

2010   Gaimusho-Kakushinha (Renovationist Group in the Foreign Ministry of Japan)

2006   Nitchu Senso no Gunjiteki Tenkai (Military Development of the Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945), co-edited.

2005   Senryaku no Honshitsu (Essence of Strategy), co-authored

1999   Nihon Rikugun to Chugoku (Imperial Japanese Army and China)

1998   Gyakusetsu no Guntai (Army of Paradox)

1993   Nihon no Kiro to Matsuoka Gaiko (Japan at the Crossroads and Matsuoka’s Diplomacy, 1940-1941), co-edited

1991   Pisu-fira (Peace-Feelers in the Sino-Japanese War)

1984   Shippai no Honshitsu (Essence of Failure), co-authored

<Prof. Yuko KUBOTA’s CV>

Current Occupation

Professor at Fukuoka University of Education



1988     B.A., Ochanomizu University

1990     M.A., Ochanomizu University

1993  Pursuing Ph.D., Ochanomizu University


Professional Experience

2010 August   Chulalongkorn University in Thailand  – Visiting professor

2010 April       International Research Center for Japanese Studies – Professor

2010 April       Fukuoka University of Education – Professor

1996 October   Fukuoka University of Education – Associate Professor

1995 April       Fukuoka University of Education – Lecturer


Specialized Field        

·   Japanese Literature of postwar period

·   Study of women’s literature

·   An analytical study of Japanese literary representations of Thai culture


Major Publications

2013    Dejital Jinbungaku no Susume, Benseishuppan, Tokyo, 2013
2011    Ohi no shozo―Mishima Yukio ‘Akatsuki no Tera’ ni okeru Thai hyosho―, Fukuoka Kyoiku Daigaku Kokugo-ka Kenkyu Ronshu, No.52 ,19-36, 2011
2011    Bokyaku sareta senso-Matsumoto Seicho ‘Atsui Kinu’ to Tonan Asia- Matsumoto Seicho Kenkyu,No.12,2011
2010    Kindainihon ni okeru Thai image hyosho no keifu, Ritsumeikan Gengobunka Kenkyu,Vol.21, No.3, 2010


<Prof. Hiroshi ARAKI’s CV>

Current Occupation

Professor at International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Research Department



1982              B.A., Kyoto University

1984              M.A., Kyoto University

2013              Ph.D., Kyoto University


Professional Experience

1986 Oct          Aichi Prefectural Women’s Junior College   Full-time Lecturer

1986 Oct          Aichi Prefectural University Full-time Lecturer

1990 Apr         Aichi Prefectural University Associate Professor

1990 Apr         Aichi Prefectural Women’s Junior College Associate Professor

1992 Apr         Osaka University Associate Professor

1994 Apr         Osaka University Associate Professor

1997 Apr         National Institute of Japanese Literature Additional post Associate Professor

1999 Apr         Osaka University (Graduate School) Associate Professor

1999 Sep         Columbia University Visiting Scholar

2006 Apr         Osaka University (Graduate School) Professor

2007 Aug         Jawaharlal Nehru University Visiting Professor

2010 Apr         International Research Center for Japanese Studies Professor


Specialized Field 

Japanese Literature


Major Publications

The Contexture and Design of Setsuwashū (The collection of Narrative Tales): Study on the Konjaku Tales, Bensei Shuppan, 2012

Japanese Literature Double Visages, Osaka University Press, 2007

Co-authored Books

Shinnihonkotenbungakutaikei Kojidan Zokukojidan, Iwanami Shoten, Tokyo, 2005

Dejital Jinbungaku no Susume, Benseishuppan, Tokyo, 2013