The Japan Foundation will conduct an intensive Japanese language course specially designed for school students in Grade 5 & 6.Students of this course will be able to communicate in basic Japanese on daily basis and understand Japanese culture through fun activities, such as origami, songs, dance etc.  Parents of interested students are required to submit the Application Form.


Course Details


-School students in Grade 5 and 6

-Students who have never learned Japanese

-Students who can understand lessons in English 

(Lessons will be taught in English)


Lesson dates:  11th, 13th, 16th, 18th, 20th, 23rd, 25th, 27th, 30th June, 2013

                           (Total 9 lessons)

Lesson time:  10am to 12pm

Material fee: INR 600

There is no tution fee. The material fee only will be incurred.

Venue: The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

Application deadline: 26th May, 2014

                                  (The selection will be on first-come-first-selected basis)


Please email your application form to or submit it to the reception at The Japan Foundation.

-Due to class size, there will be selection.  Those selected will be informed by phone.


-For those who are selected will be required to pay the material fee of INR 600 at the Japan Foundation during the designated period to complete the registration. If the payment is not made during the period, your registration will be automatically cancelled.