When people hear the word “Indian Feminism” the question that often comes up in their minds is: is there such a thing? This is quickly followed by another: isn’t Indian Feminism just a copy of Western Feminism?
And yet, in order to understand any political movement, it’s important to look at its history, its development, its roots in a particular culture and context. These are often overlooked and movements are judged by their most visible images or their most articulate spokespersons.
This December, the Japan Foundation New Delhi welcomes eminent activist and feminist, Urvashi Butalia, writer and publisher of Zubaan Books who will take us through the history of feminism in India and will look at whether or not it is a mere copy of Western feminism.
This lecture is marked as the fourth lecture of The Japan Foundation Lecture Series, 2012, which JFND is planning to organize monthly throughout the year.

Speaker: Ms. Urvashi Butalia
(Co-founder, Kali for Women and Director, Zubaan Publishers)