The Japan Foundation, New Delhi invites you to our upcoming lecture event – India and Japan: Potential to Transform the Asian Security Order.

The India-Japan bilateral relationship has achieved significant political currency in the past decade. However the relationship’s potential to transform the Asian Security Order had been realised only recently when Prime Minister Modi was elected in India as was Prime Minister Shinzo Abe elected in Japan. Asia features the simultaneous rise of economic and political powers with civilisational histories. In this ‘Asian Century’ territorial and boundary disputes prosper in the maritime domain in comparison to the continental Westphalian geopolitics of the ‘Atlantic Century’. Power and order in Asia since antiquity has been organised under China’s Middle Kingdom, by Imperial Japan’s nascent pronunciation of a ‘Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere’ and under U.S. ‘hub and spoke’ alliance system in the region.

Date    : 8th January, 2016 
Time   : 18:30
Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

Speaker: Ms. Nidhi Prasad 

About the Speaker

Nidhi Prasad is pursuing her Masters of Philosophy (M.Phil) at the Centre for East Asian Studies in the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. She is a Contributing Analyst at the Asia-Pacific desk for Wikistrat, a geostrategic crowd consultancy firm. She has previously interned at Centre for Air Power Studies. Her M.Phil dissertation thesis is titled, “Assessing Extended Nuclear Deterrence in the Japan-U.S. Security Alliance”. In 2014 she was awarded the Okita Memorial Scholarship to Japan. She has worked on several research projects on Japanese foreign policy and has published articles in The Pioneer, Asia Times, Global Times and Defense and Diplomacy. Her areas of interest include- Japan’s security policy, East Asian security affairs, nuclear deterrence, geopolitics and international relations. She holds a Graduate degree in Geopolitics and International Relations from Manipal University and a Bachelors’ degree in English Literature from Lady Shri Ram College for Women.


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