It is a contemporary photography from Japan by Yuji Obata, Tokihiro Sato, Shiho Kito, Kimiko Yoshida, Ken Kitano, in support from The Japan Foundation.


Hikari: Contemporary Photography from Japan explores the notion of “Hikari” (the Japanese word for light) in each of the photographers’ work. Each artist investigates how light can be used as both a tool of illumination and as a cloak – either revealing something we might not normally see, or conversely, covering something up. The aim of the exhibition is therefore to showcase the diverse and creative world of contemporary Japanese photography, as well as to see how new readings of the photographers’ work can emerge when seen in relation to the exhibition’s theme.


“The Photographs in this exhibition show perfectly photography’s position as a contemporary art form, as well as demonstrating the technical and craft side of medium – through the advanced techniques applied.


Japan has one of the most active and creative photography scenes in the world – with many Japanese artists having played a pioneering role in the global development of contemporary photography, and its acceptance as a distinct art form. In this exhibition, Tasveer is delighted to showcase the work of some of the most celebrated and influential Japanese photographers working today by exhibiting their photographs in India for the first time. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to see a wide range of approaches to photography -from large scale altered landscapes to manipulated microphotographs – encompassing elements of performance, narrative and advanced technical image-making along the way.


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