Theme: The Isolated period of Japan – Edo era 

Film: Red Beard赤ひげ

Friday, 11th May at 6:30 pm

Director: Akira Kurosawa
Duration: 185 minutes

©1965/Toho – Kurosawa Production /b&w

Short Synopsis:
After studying the latest western medical science in Nagasaki, Yasumoto Noboru returns to Edo aspiring to become the retained doctor of the Shogun. But he is appointed to the Koishikawa Hospital, an institution for the poor and needy, and is extremely disappointed and unhappy. There is an elderly but stout-hearted doctor Niide Kyojo, nicknamed RED BEARD who is keeping up the most dedicated efforts to care for those in the lower stratum of society. He bestows his love and concern for mankind in caring for each individual patient.

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