The Japan Foundation brings festival of Featured Films to be screened via DVDs.

1. WANKO~The Story of Me, My Family and My Dog
Directed by: Isamu Nakae
Date : 12th July ( Thu) at 18:30
14th July (Sat) at 14:00

Synopsis: The Noyama family runs a small inn Taiyo in “Rokku” Prefecture, Miyakejima. Dad, Matsuo Noyama, always welcomes visitors arriving by ferry with a colorful sign. He’s brutally honest and a little scatter brained at times, but sincere, passionate and caring. Mom, Takako is cheerful, free-spirited and always karate chopping people on the head. She’s a bit scary when she’s mad but vivacious and fun-loving, too. Shin Noyama is in second grade and lives with his family, surrounded by the natural beauty of the island. When his grandma Fusako’s dog Hana has puppies, Shin adopts one and names him Rock.

2. Quartet

Directed by: Junichi Mimura
Date : 13th July (Fri) at 18:30
14th July (Sat) at 18:30

Synopsis: Kai Nagae hopes to become a professional violinist. He lives in Urayasu with his parents and older sister. The family used to perform classical music together, however nowadays they care less for music and for each other. Wishing to be back together, Kai decides to form a family quartet. Shot during the Great East Japan Earthquake,
over 700 civilian volunteers supported the completion of the film in hopes for a quick recovery.

3. Haru’s Journey

Directed by:
Date : 19th July (Thu) at 18:30
21st July (Sat) at 14:00

Synopsis: Tadao, who lives in a lonely fishing village, is a man who spent his life fishing the Pacific herring. He retired after injuring his leg, and lives alone with his granddaughter Haru after his only daughter killed herself. Haru was working as an elementary school nutritionist while taking care of her grandfather, but she lost her job when the school closed down. One day, Haru tells Tadao that she wants to move to the city to find a new job and that one of his siblings should look after him.

4. Éclair
Directed by:
Date : 20th July (Fri) at 18:30
21st July (Sat) at 18:30
Synopsis: Losing his parents at very early age, Akio was sent to an orphanage. He is a quitter, never be able to stay in one place, attempts to escape so many times and finally he ends up being sent to a reformatory. It was 1943 when the dark shadow of the war was sneaking up and about to change everything and lead him to such a vagrant life. The only thing kept him going amongst everything was “Sweets & Girls”, the song Yoko, who was a teacher of the orphanage, sang to him.