The Japan Foundation proudly invites you to Workshop & Fan Meeting with 2 prominent Japanese voice actresses, Ms. Satsuki Yukino and Nami Okamoto who performed in the world known anime “INUYASHA”. 

Registration is necessary to participate in the events.  Due to space constraints, there will be a selection.  Confirmation email will be sent to those who are selected only.   Plesae see the below “How to Apply”.

1. Workshops
Do you want to know the hard work that goes behind making a silent anime film this lively? How do the voice actors/actresses do that? Come to the workshop and learn the tricks by the hand-on experience of voice actresses themselves.  
(Prior knowledge in Japanese language is not necessary….. all anime fans can enjoy the workshop !)

Date   : 14th Dec (Sat)
Time   : Workshop 1    13:00-
             Workshop 2    16:30-
      * The content of Workshop 1 & Workshop 2 are the same
Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

In the Workshop <Wanted !!  Dubbing Trial ! >
At the end of workshop, some selected participants will be asked to demonstrate dubbing in the venue.  It is not difficult…. Script will be provided and they will try an on-site dubbing in Japanese language.  Do not worry, it is a simple set of phrase and the voice actresses will teach you how to !
If you are interested, please let us know the reason why you would like to do this “Dubbing Trial ! ” in your registration email.

2. Fan Meeting
The visiting voice actresses will share the joy of anime with you. Yes you may meet them and chat with them.

Date   : 13th Dec (Fri)
Time   : 18:00-
Venue :  The Japan Foundation, New Delhi
Selection priority:  In your registration email, please include question(s) you would like to know or ask to the voice actresses.
                              We welcome people who can write about the event on their blog etc or share the experience to friends.

Application Deadline: 11 Dec (Wed)
 (If it reaches full-house earlier than 11 Dec, application will be closed before the deadline)

“How to Apply” :  / Application by Email
If you would interested in the Workshop and/ or Fan Meeting, please email the below information to  to apply for the event.

1. Interested people can attend both Workshop1 or 2 and Fan Meeting
2. Application for the both Workshop 1 and 2 are not allowed
3. Title/ subject of your email shall be either “Workshop 1″, ” Workshop 2″ or  “Fan Meeting”.  If you would like to attend both the Workshop and Fan Meeting, please apply respectively.
4. Up to 2 people can apply together in one email.

Please include the following info.  If the info is wrong or not sufficient, your application will not be completed……
1. Your name (full name)
2. Your mob no
3. Email address
4. Name of event (Workshop 1, Workshop 2 or Fan Meeting) you would like to attend
5. Please let us know of your favourite characters from “INUYASHA”
6. Please write questions for voice actresses, if any
7. If you would like to try “Dubbing Trial !”, please state so, and let us know the reason why you would like to try

Registrations confirmed through “Confirmation Mail” only

<About Anime Voice Actresses>
Ms. Yukino Satsuki
One of the leading female voice actresses in Japan.  She has performed in major Japanese anime, such as “Inuyasha” (charactor: Kagome ), “Gintama” (character: Tae Shimura),  “BLEACH” (Yoruichi Shihouin), “Natsume’s Book of Friends”  (Character: Hiiragi) and many more.

Ms. Nami Okamoto
She performed in major hit anime, such as “Inuyasha” (character: Ayumi, a friend of Kagome), “Kekkaishi”   (character: Ayano), “Space Brothers” (character: Kei Kitamura) etc.  She is also active as a recitalist and a lecturer.