The Japan Foundation, New Delhi invites you to a Talk with professionals in the fields of Cosplay, Anime and Dance, straight from Japan!

Come and meet,

♦  Akira Konomi (Cosplayer) – A Renowned Cosplayer who has represented Japan at the World Cosplay Summit.
♦  Yumi Inoue (Singer of Anime Songs) – An anime singer from Hokkaido who also organizes events for singing anime songs.
♦  Gekitora (Otagei Dancer) – Representative of Genecre (NPO) and a supporter of all Japanese creators’ activities who pursues the expansion of dance activities with the use of IT.


This event will be an eye-opener into the professional world of Anime, Cosplay and Dance.
Even if you are not an anime fan, you can come and see their unique insight into this fascinating world and enjoy their performances!    

Date     : 16th October, 2015
Time    :  18:30 ~
Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi 

Entry Free

*They will also be performing at ‘Animatsuri Bangalore’ at Video Game Fest in Bangalore from 10-11 Oct, ‘Animatsuri Night Mumbai’ at Crossword on 12 Oct  and ‘Animatsuri Delhi’ at IIT from 17 -19 Oct. Check more information at link: .


Press Release (in Japanese)