The Japan Foundation, New Delhi is pleased to present an Exhibition titled CONFLUENCE – Collaborative Projects by The Japan Foundation, New Delhi -2013-2017.

The Japan Foundation, New Delhi introduces various facets of Japanese culture to India and other South Asian countries. This ranges from art and music to theatre, film, and design. Through arts and culture, we convey Japan’s heart and mind to the world, helping people encounter Japan even beyond the language barrier. We also aim to spread the joy of artistic creation, especially by creating opportunities where artists could collaborate, thereby deepening people-to-people exchange and mutual understanding.

This exhibition will present photographs showcasing the various collaborative projects undertaken by The Japan Foundation, New Delhi in the fields of Arts and Culture in these 5 years.

Even though we have had collaborative projects in the years preceding 2013, we wish to highlight these five years specifically. The reason for doing so is, firstly, since 2013 we have increased our efforts to be involved in as many collaborative projects as possible; secondly, because we celebrated 2017 as the Year of India-Japan Friendly Exchanges.

We would like to extend our profound respect to all the artists who have taken part in all our endeavors. Also, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many other people that have supported us during the creative process.