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Losing his parents at very early age, Akio was sent to an orphanage.

He is a quitter, never be able to stay in one place, attempts to escape so many times and finally he ends up being sent to a reformatory.

It was 1943 when the dark shadow of the war was sneaking up and about to change everything and lead him to such a vagrant life.

Many encounters throughout the difficult time, likes of detective Toyama who saved him from hunger by giving a sweet pastry, the White Satan at the reformatory, his forester mother Fusano, Tomiko from the cinema and people from the itinerant company…. but the only thing keep him going amongst the everything was “Sweets & Girls (お菓子と娘)”, the song Yoko, who was a teacher of the orphanage, sang to him.

No matter what happens to him, thinking about sweets and singing the song somehow give him the power to live…