Come and enjoy the spectacular world of Japanese Cinema at The Japan Foundation, New Delhi.

The Theme of the month is Life and Death.

Date    :  18th June, 2016
Time    : 14:00 ~
Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi
Entry Free

Director: Akira KUROSAWA
Duration  : 143 Minutes | English subtitles

Short Synopsis : Seen as one of Akira Kurosawa’s best works, this film is about an aging bureaucrat, who one day discovers that he has terminal cancer. Desperately trying to find meaning in the short time left, he tries to reconnect with his family and enjoy life but what will ultimately give him peace? A warm, surprisingly uplifting beautiful film that helps us see the meaning of life through its exploration of the opposite – mortality and death.

Photo Credit : ©1952  Toho / B & W