The Japan Foundation, New Delhi in support with National School of Drama, is pleased to bring theatre performance “Colours of Our Blood” by theatre collective, Hanchu-Yuei from Japan. 

This will be a 90 min. performance with English subtitles. It will also participate in ‘International Theatre Festival of Kerala 2016’ at Thrissur.

The story centres round the time when artificial intelligence has become a part of common people’s life and has gained its life. Artificial intelligence here does not mean high-performing robots but functions such as to love each other, to give a birth and to have a tiff. We consider ‘how the blood for the artificial intelligence’ would be like and present this entertaining play.



1. Thrissur

Date    : 13th January, 2016
Time   : 16:00
Venue : K T Muhammed Regional Theatre (Procenium Theatre), Thrissur
Entry Free

2.  Delhi

Date    : 16th January, 2016
Time   : 18:00
Venue : Bahumukh Auditorium, National School of Drama, New Delhi
Entry Free


Synopsis of the play

Does the internet see blood?

There is a man who exists in the future, rather than being behind, of the rapidly-developing civilization. Even though he has overtaken time, he is not considered as a danger nor as he a charismatic figure of the people, and neither does he keep on making silly mistakes like Don Quixote. However, having feared and being stunned by the time that is merely going by in front of him, he gains the courage not to be despaired easily. Once, the virtual world of the internet seemed to be a place of anonymity, but, in fact, it is not so. Earlier we believed that time was isolated, and in which bubble, we could lie down in sunshine on a deserted island, and would not move. But, we no longer think it to be so tranquil. We are not anonymous, and we have all become famous. We have become busy and forgetful. Perhaps, we cannot go back. We have no choice but to go forward after all. O Blood, where are you connected to?

Kazuki Oohashi 
Sachiro Nomoto 
Fumi Kumakawa 
Mikie Tanaka 
Kan Fukuhara 

Text, Direction|Suguru Yamamoto
Art Direction|Kazuki Takakura 
Music|Hiroki Chiba

Drama Turku|Masashi Nomura
Subtitle|Yui Terada
Set Design|Tomomi Nakamura 
Sound Design|Mai Takahashi 
Lighting Design|Nami Nakayama
Costume Design|Kyoko Fujitani
Stage Manager|Kentaro Sakurai
Assistant Director|Risa Fujie
Producer|Momo Sakamoto


About Theatre Collective, HANCHU-YUEI

HANCHU-YUEI is a theatre collective based in Tokyo, founded in 2007, and tours nationally and internationally. Suguru Yamamoto writes and directs all productions for the theatre collective. His works focus on the boundary of reality and unreality, and the story travels between each side of the boundary and questions the locations of un/reality. Suguru’s creation starts at the topics that he comes up with, such as life and death, family, sense and words, collective society…and aims further to access universal ‘questions’. His works have received attention not only in Japan but in other Asian countries for his unique way of rendition integrating the projected letters, photos, movies, colours, lights and shadows with the performers on the stage, and for his strong scripts, which often makes the audience question their ethical viewpoint and boundaries. He was awarded the Best Original Script and the Best Play in Bangkok Theatre Festival 2014 for Girl X. His work, Umaretenaikara Mada Shinenai (Cannot die yet, being not born) was shortlisted for the Kishida Prize for Drama. The constituent members of HANCHU-YUEI are nine – Suguru Yamamoto (representative, playwright, stage director), Kazuki Oohashi, Fumi Kumakawa, Sachiro Nomoto, Mikie Tanaka, Kan Fukuhara (all the above actors), Kazuki Takakura (art director), Satoshi Kawaguchi (writer), and Momo Sakamoto (producer).


Photo Credit: ©takakurakazuki