We invite you to the seminar : Buddhism and Theosophy in Modern Asia Aspects of Modern Cultural Exchange between India and Japan


Conveners  : Shigemi Inaga,

                   P.A. George


Date   : Saturday, 2nd November, 2013

Time   : 15:00-18:00   

Venue : JNU Language, Literature and Culture Building (Room 233)


The powerpoint presentations will go in the following order:

1)  Hashimoto Yorimitsu  (Associate Professor, Faculty of Letters, Osaka University) : “Japanese Tourists under Surveillance in India? Kanokogi Case (1919) and Hiroshi Yoshida’s Woodblock Prints”

2)  Chuang Chienhui  (Visiting Research Fellow, Osaka University) : “Aspects of the Cultural Exchange between Buddhists and Theosophists in Modern China and India: Focusing on TaiXu’s Visits to India”

3) Okamoto Yoshiko  (Research Fellow, Institute of Asian Cultural Studies, International Christian University) : “Okakura Kakuzo’s Encounter with India and the Intellectual Problems in the non-West at the Turn of the Twentieth Century”

4) Brij Tankha Prof. of Modern Japanese History, Delhi University (Retd), Honorary Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi  : “Theosophy and the ‘Collapse of Civilisation’”. 


The presentation will be followed by the general discussion. The talks and discussion will be conducted both in English and Japanese.

All of those who are interested in the subject are welcome.