Manga is not just a medium of entertainment for children. It is also a medium of social expression, education and art. It is enjoyed and appreciated even by adults in Japan and in other countries around the world.

In Japan, it is very common to come across people reading Manga in trains, classrooms, food joints and even at workplace. This might be surprising for people in India as manga is still considered to be a medium of children’s entertainment.

So, why are Japanese people interested in Manga? As culture is a reflection of the society, does Manga also mirror today’s Japanese society? And what can we learn about Japan by examining the Manga stories and characters that appear in Manga?

This time, the Japan Foundation, New Delhi, will invite Ms. Gazala Meena, a Ph.D. research student from JNU and a recipient of the Japan Foundation Fellowship for Doctoral Candidates, to give a comprehensive talk on Manga, with special attention to her favourite Manga works and the sociological analysis of how boys and girls are drawn in Japanese manga.


Speaker : Ms. Gazala Meena
               Ph. D, JNU


Date   : 10th Dec., 2013

Time   : 18:30

Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

Entry Free