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Color / Wide / 2009 / 132min / Production Company: “BALLAD” Production Committee, TV ASAHI, J DREAM, DENTSU, ADK, LESPROS ENTERTAINMENT, SHIN-EI ANIMATION, Futabasha, Shogakukan, SHIROGUMI, ABC, NAGOYA TV

Director: YAMAZAKI Takashi

Script: YAMAZAKI Takashi

(“Crayon Shinchan Bravo”) Original Story: USUI Yoshito

(“Crayon Shinchan Bravo”) Original Idea: HARA Keiichi

Cinematography: SHIBASAKI Kozo

Editor: MIYAJIMA Ryuji

Music: SATO Naoki

Producers: ANDO Chikahiro, MATSUI Toshiyuki



KUSANAGI Tsuyoshi : IJIRI Matabe

ARAGAKI Yui : Renhime

OSAWA Takao : OKURAI Takat

TAKEI Akashi : Shinichi



Of the numerous feature films in the Crayon Shin-chan anime series, Crayon Shinchan Bravo Samurai was particularly well received and honored with many prestigious awards. The world of this anime masterpiece has been reworked here as a live-action, romantic period piece. A timid boy timeslips into the medieval era of the Warring States, where he observes the love between a lowly samurai and the princess of a small feudal domain. Yamazaki Takashi, director of the Always: Sunset on Third Street films, employs his talent for visual effects to give the battle scenes a feeling of grand scale.

By sheer chance, the much-bullied Shinichi (Takei Akashi) is transported back to 1574. His sudden arrival happens to save the life of Ijiri Matabee (Kusanagi Tsuyoshi), a samurai general known as “Demon Ijiri,” and he soon realizes that Matabee and Princess Ren (Aragaki Yui), the daughter of his lord and a childhood friend, are in love with each other. But Princess Ren’s beauty has become famous throughout the region, and Takatora (Osawa Takao), a fiery-tempered lord of a powerful domain, asks for her hand in marriage. She refuses, touching off a battle between the two domains.