Japanese Language and Culture Course 2014
Theme-based Class Part 1
‘An Introduction to Japanese Literature’


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Outline of the course
       The class will commence with a brief history of Japanese literature through various periods and after this a few famous works would be read in the class. In the latter part of the class, each student will choose one work, (it could be in Japanese or a translated work) read it and give a presentation in class about its plot and the impression he/she got about the work.

Level of the Language of the Aspiring Students
     The outline of Japanese literature will be conducted both in Japanese as well as English. The works to be read in class will only be in Japanese language. Minimum of JLPT N3 Level is required.

Lecture date, time and venue

Dates:  September 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th and October 4th, 11th 18th, 25th (Saturdays)
Time:   10:30am -12:30
Venue:  The Japan Foundation, New Delhi




6th & 13th Sept

Outline of Japanese Literature (Ancient Period to Heisei Period)

20th & 27th Sept

Reading of Japanese Literary Work

(‘Hana’ by Akutagawa Ryūnosuke and ‘Siiku’ by Oe Kenzaburō )

4th, 11th,  18th & 25th Oct

Student’s Presentation


*The dates mentioned here however are tentative and subject to change.


Application and Course Fee Payment
– Please send an email to query@jfindia.org.in , call us at 2644-2967 or visit the Japan Foundation in order to obtain the Course Instruction and Application Form. 
– Please fill up the Application Form and submit it at the reception of Japan Foundation
– Due to class size, telephone interview will be conducted during 11 to 14 August on a first-come-first- served basis in the order of application submission. Please note that once all the seats are fulled by early-bird applicants, the telephone interview will not be conducted for the late applicants.
– Those who are selected shall come and pay the material fee at the Japan Foundation by 22 Aug to finalise the registration.
– The course fee is Rs. 200/- only.

Application deadline:  Friday, 8 August, 2014