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The Theme of the month is “How are Disablilities depicted in Films?”


Color / Vista / 1991 / 101 min / Office Kitano, Totsu


Director: Kitano Takeshi

Script: Kitano Takeshi

Photography: Yanagishima Katsumi

Art Direction: Sasaki Osamu

Editing: Kitano Takeshi

Music Director: Hisaishi Yuzuru

Planning : Kitano Takeshi

Production: Tate Yukio

Producer: Mori Masayuki

Associate Producer: Yoshida Takio



Shigeru: Maki Kuroudo

Takako: Oshima Hiroko

Takoh: Kawahara Sabu

Nakajima: Fuj iwara Nenzo

Surf shop-woman: Kagimoto Keiko

Soccer player#1: Koiso Katsuya

Soccer player#2 :Matsui Toshio

Surfers: Owada Tsuyoshi

Sawai Arata

Sugimoto Tatsuya

Chinara Masako

Fukaya Tomoiami


Setting: Present day Tokyo and surrounding beaches



Shigeru is a deaf and mute garbage collector. One day, on finding a broken surfboard, he becomes determined to learn surfing despite being ridiculed by others. The owner of the local surf shop sees Shigeru’s determination and encourages him to enter a surfing contest, which he does but chickens out at the last minute. Later, he enters another contest, winning a trophy. One day, back at the deserted beach, Shigeru’s girlfriend, who is also deaf and mute, pulls his surfboard out the surf. Will tragedy befall this young couple?