Come and enjoy the spectacular World of Japanese Cinema at The Japan Foundation, New Delhi.

The Theme of the month is A Film and Song for Everyone to Enjoy.

Director   : Shue Matsubayashi
Duration  :  90 Minutes


Date    : 10th October, 2015
Time    : 14:00
Venue : The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

Entry Free


Short Synopsis: 
University professor Keisuke is a widower raising an 8 month-old baby by himself with the help of a maid. One day, due to unavoidable circumstances, the baby ends up being taken care of by a young girl, Michiyo, who is initially mistaken for a kidnapper but ends up becoming a regular babysitter. Keisuke also has a woman friend who, unknown to him, likes him. Will Michiyo and the baby succeed in their “match-making” efforts?

Photo Credit : ©1963 Toho / Colour