Find your Form Number in the list and come to The Japan Foundation on 6-7th December from 10:30 to16:30 for fee payment.
Please bring the exact change.

Requiremnt: Please bring one passport photograph

Class1 & 2 :Rs600 Administration Fee + Rs 225 Textbook Fee
Class3 & 4:Rs600 Administration Fee + Rs 325 Textbook Fee
Class5 & 6:Rs600 Administration Fee + Rs 630 Textbook Fee
Class7& 8:Rs600 Administration Fee + Rs 1200 Textbook Fee
Class9     : Rs600 Administration Fee + Rs  600 Textbook Fee


Final Screening Result:Class1【Class1】.pd

Final Screening Result: Class 2【Class2】.pdf

Final Screening Result: Class 3-5【Class3-5】.pdf

Final Screening Result: Class 6-9【Class6-9】.pdf