【New online Course for teachers (How to teach Marugoto A1-Rikai)】

Japan Foundation, New Delhi is offering an online course for teachers who want to teachA1 Rikai. Zoom and Google Classroom platforms will be used for the classes.

Detailed information is given below.


  1. Currently working as Japanese Language Teacher in South Asia
  2. Above JLPT N3
  3. Who can do assignments and Tests
  4. Who can attend all live sessions

Deadline for Application

19th Feb 12:00 Noon (IST)

★Selection Announcement

19th Feb 15:00(IST), through email

★Schedule *Please attend all sessions.

  • Self-Study on Google classroom

Course will start with self-study, where participants will watch videos and go through study materials by their own before Live lessons.


①23rd Feb. 17:00-18:00(IST) Orientation

②2nd Mar. 17:00-18:00(IST) What is “Marugoto”?

③9th Mar. 17:00-18:00(IST) How to teach “Marugoto A1 Rikai”

④16th Mar. 17:00-18:00(IST) Regarding Mock lesson

  • Assignment

・What is “Marugoto”? & Lesson plan

  • Mock test lesson

・30th Mar. 17:00-18:00(IST)

・About 10 minutes per person.

★Completion Requirements

Passing Score: score of 70 points or higher

The allocation of points is as follows.

・Study progress 10%・Live lesson 50%

・Assignment 10%・Mock lesson Test 30%


10 Seats

★How to apply

Google Form:https://forms.gle/UaTsHSjrYUcEg5rD6