Yasuzo Masumura Retrospective

Yasuzo Masumura (1924-1986) learned Federico Fellini and Luchino Visconti on a study abroad in Italy before working as assistant director for Kenji Mizoguchi and Kon Ichikawa after returning to Japan. He directed his first film in 1957. He gave rise to new Japanese cinema through modern, daring direction and has left us with a number […]

KENTARO!! – Contemporary Dance Performance in Bangalore

KENTARO!! is one of the most promising choreographers in Japan. He was deeply impressed by street dance culture as a kid. He then discovered and was attracted by more improvised contemporary dance, started to work on pieces that combines street dance techniques and dramatic elements of contemporary dance. His highly original and lyrical performances are […]

Photo Exhibition: The History of India-Japan Exchanges

This exhibition is to introduce around 60 photos that relate the history of cultural exchange between India and Japan from the Meiji Period (1868-1912) to modern times. A similar photo exhibition of these bilateral ties was held in 2007 in India and Japan, marking the 50th anniversary of the conclusion of the cultural exchange agreement […]

Lecture on Disaster Prevention by Prof. Moris

The Kizuna Festival presented by Jawaharlal Nehru University is aimed at students of the Japanese language. The event has been running every year since 2007, except 2011 when it was cancelled at short notice due to the earthquake in Japan. This year, various plans are being made, including taiko drumming and bon-odori dancing, Japanese film […]

JFND Regular Japanese Film Screening

Two Japanese film screenings per month will be held for each of the following topics: “Passion for Film” (January 2012), “Special Features on Hiroko Yakushimaru” (February 2012) and “Dedicated Women” (March 2012). JFND Regular Japanese Film Screening Film                                   […]

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